About Tactics VR Training Platform

While the core element of TACTICS VR is the virtual reality-based training modules, these modules are also supported by the TACTICS VR website and the TACTICS VR reporting environment.

The website provides all the necessary resources for new users including ‘How to Guides’ and supplementary resources on best practice.

The reporting environment collects training data from the headset at the time of training and includes this in a hosted database that is available to the host organisation to understand training and usage metrics. For security reasons and ethical considerations, the software has been designed not to collect any identifying information.

TACTICS VR Statistics

Training Sessions

The TACTICS VR training tool was initially developed and deployed as part of the TACTICS clinical trial.

Is immersive and highly-engaging

Integrates specialist knowledge and best-practice training

Provides training and assessment in a standardised format

Deployable in a stand-alone headset

Flexible and scalable allowing delivery across a range of healthcare settings

The TACTICS VR training environment has been developed to extend beyond the stand-alone VR headset. The platform includes:

Each training module is delivered via a stand-alone virtual reality headset and guides users through an interactive virtual patient’s journey. Content includes expert video, interactive information collection, workflow decision-making and real-time feedback on user performance.

The TACTICS VR websites assists clinical trial sites & VR users by providing additional information about the overall project, user guides and downloadable resources and contact information to access support.

TACTICS VR modules automatically transmit usage data via WiFi to a dedicated database server. Data collection is automated and anonymous, providing insight into VR usage and user performance. This approach also provides users with a training record and allows study staff and site coordinators to monitor training uptake and inform ongoing implementation.