Hyperacute Stroke Management for Physicians

TACTICS VR – Hyper-acute Stroke Management was initially developed to support implementation of the NHMRC-funded TACTICS trial led by Prof. Chris Levi. The VR training module was initiated to provide innovative training, particularly in rural, regional and remote sites involved in the TACTICS trial.

The “Trial of Advanced CT Imaging and Combined Education Support for Drip & Ship (TACTICS)” stroke reperfusion trial aimed to improve access to stroke reperfusion therapies – intravenous stroke thrombolysis (IVT) and endovascular stroke therapy (EVT) – particularly in regional Australia. The trial evaluated the effectiveness of an education and training intervention supporting implementation of advanced acute stroke imaging, streamlined workflows and reperfusion pathways and protocols for reperfusion therapy delivery.

VR screenshot

The primary goals of TACTICS VR – Hyper-acute Stroke Management training are to:

Increase awareness of stroke assessment and workflow procedures
Highlight the importance of advanced imaging interpretation to inform optimal treatment
Emphasise the importance of effective communication to improve patient outcomes

VR screenshots shown above

In TACTICS VR – Hyper-acute Stroke Management, VR users are guided through a real-world stroke patient case with specific emphasis on hyper-acute assessment, advanced imaging and timely best-practice treatment. Content is organised across the following scenes:

  • Opening
  • Introduction & Instructions
  • Pre-hospital Notification
  • Patient Assessment
  • Radiology Imaging & Interpretation
  • Treatment Decision & Delivery
  • User Feedback

TACTICS VR – Hyper-acute Stroke Management was implemented as part of the TACTICS trial into NSW, QLD and SA hospitals from 2019 through 2024. Ongoing usage has continued at some sites beyond the initial trial to explore long-term sustainment and integration with existing training activities. Research describing the design and roll-out are available in the publication below and analysis / reporting of the overall trial is pending.

The Australasian Stroke Academy supports the TACTICS VR – Hyper-acute Stroke Management training objectives and content and endorses the platform for best-practice stroke training

Research Publications

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