We are currently developing research manuscripts in collaboration with Carlos Garcia-Esperon, Neil Spratt and Chris Levi (John Hunter Hospital) and Tim Kleinig and Josh Mahadevan (Royal Adelaide Hospital) evaluating different implementation strategies for TACTICS VR and documenting effects on clinical practice and stroke treatment.

A list of our publications are available below and will be updated on an ongoing basis.

TACTICS VR Publications

Ryan A, Paul CL, Cox M, Whalen O, Bivard A, Attia J, Bladin C, Davis SM, Campbell BCV, Parsons M, Grimley RS, Anderson C, Donnan GA, Oldmeadow C, Kuhle S, Walker FR, Hood RJ, Maltby S, Keynes A, Delcourt C, Hatchwell L, Malavera A, Yang Q, Wong A, Muller C, Sabet A, Garcia-Esperon C, Brown H, Spratt N, Kleinig T, Butcher K, Levi CR. BMJ Open. Vol. 12(2):e055461. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2021-055461. PMID: 35149571.

Conference Proceedings

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