Hyperacute Stroke Management for Nurses

TACTICS VR – Stroke Nursing has been developed as a partnership between the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and the Centre for Advanced Training Systems (University of Newcastle) in collaboration with the Hunter New England Stroke Research Group and NSW Telestroke Service.

The module was initiated to address a recognised unmet need for educational training tools to support nurse training specifically in stroke telestroke workflow, particularly in rural, regional and remote settings. It recognises the critical role nursing staff play in supporting communication, treatment coordination and continuity of stroke care. Users of previous TACTICS VR modules also highlighted the need for an expansion module focussed on the nurse role.

VR screenshot

The primary goals of TACTICS VR – Stroke Nursing training are to:

Emphasis the nurse’s role in assessment, monitoring and communication during hyper-acute stroke management
Support effective stroke team coordination, communication & mobilisation
Highlight the importance of parallel processing and data collection, ongoing patient assessment & monitoring and role in treatment preparation and delivery
Provide an overview of follow-up and ongoing monitoring in the first 24-hours and holistic care in recovery and rehabilitation

VR screenshots shown above

In TACTICS VR – Stroke Nursing, VR users are guided through a real-world stroke patient case with specific emphasis on the nurse’s role in hyper-acute assessment, monitoring and communication. In TACTICS VR – Stroke Nursing, users walkthrough a real stroke case with an emphasis on telehealth interactions.

Content is organised across the following scenes:

  • Opening
  • Introduction & Instructions
  • Pre-hospital Notification
  • Initial Patient Assessment & Data Collection
  • Monitoring & Assessment
  • Treatment & Consent
  • Ongoing Monitoring & Follow-up
  • User Feedback

TACTICS VR – Stroke Nursing has been developed and implemented into NSW hospitals starting from 2023. Research describing the design and roll-out are currently underway.

The Australian Stroke Nurse Educator Network (ASNEN) endorses TACTICS VR –Stroke Nursing for best-practice training